3 Tips For Buying Jewelry

3 Tips For Buying Jewelry

March 29, 2018

It is no secret that jewelry has become an outfit staple in the world that is our closets! With this growing industry, comes a diverse range of styles, trends, designs, and quality. We all have our own style and trends come and go, but how do you identify quality? 

As a jewelry designer who puts quality above all other aspects of my designs, I learned first hand what materials and design characteristics make up quality jewelry. So, I am here to share a few tips on what to look for when you are buying jewelry!


One: Look for authentic materials. The definition of authentic is "of undisputed origin; genuine."  Be weary of vague material descriptions such as "gemstone" or "gold". What kind of gemstone? Gold in color or a karat purity of gold? If the description is vague, it leaves room for interpretation which in turn can open up the gates for inauthentic materials. No one wants to spend $80+ on a necklace made of dyed rocks and gold coloring rather than aquamarine and 14 karat gold filled chain. (See the difference?)


Two: Know the difference between gold filled and gold plated. Gold plated is essentially a layer of gold, plated onto another metal material, such as brass. It is more affordable than gold filled but can rub off over time. Gold filled on the other hand permanently bonds layers of gold (typically 14 karat - 18 karat) to a brass core with both heat and pressure. It is more expensive than gold plated due to the permanent nature of the process. Gold filled is legally required to be composed of a specific percentage of solid gold and therefore tarnishes at a much slower rate but should not be confused with solid gold. All Raven & Riley jewelry is made using 14 karat gold filled metals. 


Three: Be Bold. Ultimately, you know your style better than anyone and therefore "bold" means something different to each of you. That said, when buying jewelry, invest in designs that meet YOUR definition of bold. Whether bold is a dainty layered necklace, or a pair of fanned tassel earrings that make your outfit. Find your definition of bold and then look for the jewelry to match!